Rock The Hip Hop

Music Promotion Services

Spotify Promotion

Why do our Spotify Promotion Services work? 

We use a variety of methods to promote your music. First, we actually listen to your song. Second, we take the time to craft a campaign that is right for your music. Third, we refine our campaigns until we see results. High-quality music will yield better results. Our methods for promotion deal with cross promoting on our partners’ websites and music blogs along with finding playlists that will fit your particular song. We also offer promotion for playlists, but please contact us for rates regarding playlists.

YouTube Promotion

Are your YouTube PromotionServices Genuine? 

The problem with YouTube Promotion is bots. Too many companies send bot views to your videos. Bots will only hurt ratings and affect the ranking of your video. Also, YouTube might even take your video down. The most efficient way of promoting YouTube videos is by sharing them organically. Our network has different sites and platforms where we will share your video. Videos go viral when they are shared millions of times. Our goal with our YouTube Promotion is for your video to go VIRAL!               

SoundCloud Promotion

Is SoundCloud Still Relevant? 

Short answer: YES! Are you familiar with the term SoundCloud Rapper? Many rappers have launched their careers on SoundCloud. Granted, it isn’t as hot as it once was. It is still a platform that shouldn’t be ignored. Once again we will provide your track with the organic promotion in the hopes that you will go viral.

Blog Promotion

Can you Advertise on our Site? 

Yes, Rock The Hip Hop has established itself as an emerging music blog and news site that has garnered many viewers and followers. Our site gets thousands of daily visitors who are looking for new and trending music. By promoting on our site, then you can help to get seen and potentially have your music go viral.

Rock The Hip Hop

Rock The Hip Hop is a music marketing company that was founded in Miami, FL. In today’s music scene, it is harder than ever to get noticed. There are so many talented underground artists from every genre. We can help take your career to the next level.

We love music. Our goal is to grow and we want you to grow with us. Our promotion will help emerging artists and established artists. Also, we can customize packages for you. Send us an email at to discuss customized packages or if you want to be featured on our blog.

Are you only a Hip Hop Music Marketing Company?

Do we specialize in Hip Hop? Yes! Do we only promote hip hop? Absolutely NOT! We welcome ALL GENRES OF MUSIC. Honestly, we welcome well mixed and well produced quality music. The only way to really get the results you want is by giving us quality. Once again we cannot guarantee certain results.

There are many Hip Hop Marketing Companies, but we truly care about music. Our goal isn’t just to get you some superficial views or streams, we want to help you build a real following. When you succeed, we succeed.